News release: Baked Alaska – Time To Change The Temperature…. Even the ducks have relocated

St John’s Sunshine is delighted to be invite people to the “Baked Alaska – Time To Change The Temperature” event at St John’s Centre on Tuesday 10th November. (1)

In the run up to the climate change negotiations in Paris (COP 21) in December, the play brings a simple message that – Baked Alaska is something we can all look forward to… unless we do something about climate change.

This inventive and engaging new show from Riding Lights Theatre Company, has been commissioned by Christian Aid and Operation Noah to raise a voice for worldwide action on climate change.

Inter-connecting stories of the wild and unpredictable effects of climate change from the four corners of the earth are combined into a rich recipe of hope with lashings of vibrant music, high energy storytelling and laughter that will surprise you. (2)

Rev John Hughes, from St John’s Centre and St John’s Sunshine directors, said “Climate Change is often seen as something that will happen in the future and to other communities. The stories in Baked Alaska show that climate change impacts are already happening – and will affect everyone from Old Trafford to Bangladesh – but if communities act together that there is a message of hope.”

St John’s Sunshine – the story so far: In February 2012, we successfully raised funds via a community share issue to install 3.75kw of solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) panels on the roof of StJohn’s Church and a display monitor in the StJohn’s Centre. In February 2015, St Johns Sunshine successfully raised the funds to install another 6kw of solar panels. The funds generated from the renewable enerrgy are used to support local community groups. So far we have distributed Sunshine Grants of over £1800. (3)


Contact for comments: Pete Abel, St John’s Sunshine director. Mobile: 07951 642858.  Email:

Notes for editors

1) 7.30pm, Tuesday 10th November.  St John’s Centre, St John’s Road, Old Trafford, M16 7GX. See Facebook for more details:

2) See Baked Alaska trailer at 

3)   StJohn’s Sunshine is an Society for the Benefit of the Community, owned and run by its members for the benefit of local people and communities. It has 6 core objectives:

  • To generate low carbon energy.
  • To distribute grants and aid to people primarily within Old Trafford that benefit the community or the environment.
  • To act responsibly and in a way that balances the benefits to society, the environment and the local economy.
  • To explore means that reduce our environmental impacts and encourage others to do so.
  • To encourage the local community to engage with issues that reflect society, the environment and economic matters in a balanced way.
  • To provide the people of Old Trafford and beyond an opportunity to invest in options that fulfill the above.

See more details.

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